Kinerama journey

Our vision of virtual reality in the field of architecture.

'Kinerama journey' is an interactive virtual reality experience, designed to showcase our conception of this technology as applied to the field of architecture.

It’s an experience defined by two key aspects. Firstly, the behind-the-scenes work to program and design interactivity, which allows the audience to make all kinds of choices as they explore any given virtual architecture. Secondly, a narrative invitation—an appeal to the human capacity to move and be moved by stories.
Virtual reality brings with it an enormous jump in the way we can conceive of a space that doesn’t yet exist. The jump from simply seeing it as a two-dimension projection on a surface, to feeling as if you were really inside of it. When this sense of spatial immersion is complemented by the capacity to make choices that alter the environment, such as touching and transform your surroundings with your own hands, the jump is even more dramatic. And, as the interactivity becomes a medium for a story, the experience turns into something truly genuine and memorable.


Interactive virtual reality experience

Created by: Kinerama

Apartment design: Vivett

Drawings and virtual painting: Carmen Andújar

Production year: 2021

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