Inert space

A house growing within the rock.

Inert space is an immersive exploration of the ways in which a desolate landscape of volcanic rock can harbor life.

An architecture that connects and dialogues with the landscape, while interrogating what it means to “inhabit” a place. The limits of the architectural space dissolve into the grey mass surrounding it. It’s an architecture built by and for that place, as if it had been moulded right there, in place.
It’s held together by a system of interlaced beams, which are ultimately sustained by the underlying rock. There are no pillars or walls. The base consists of a grand expanse of concrete, carved into a series of inhabitable spaces that dialogue with the surrounding rock in different forms. Wood emerges from this base, filtering the light and accommodating domestic life.
This spatial distribution is the result of a raw and brutalist notion of what living means. It’s a circular succession of spaces conceived to satisfy our most elemental needs: “living”, “bathing”, “sleeping”, “cooking”, “gathering”, “eating”…, and, again, “living”. Naked and essential places, designed from the primitive outlook of what we’ve always been.

It’s one of our wild architectures. An impossible place that, nonetheless, has the capacity to connect us to something very profound, something ancestral.



Interactive virtual reality experience

Created by: Kinerama

Architecture design: Kinerama

Production year: 2021

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