Explore the set before building it.

HAL is an internally developed tool at Kinerama designed to assist in making creative decisions within the realm of cinema.

Starting from a hyper-realistic 3D modeling of the set, which we create ourselves, we develop an interactive experience, allowing the film's Art department to explore endless possibilities. They can make material and color changes, adjustments to lighting, different furniture layouts, or even capture and download images. There are two modes of usage with the tool:

-Virtual reality mode, which is much more immersive and allows you to experience the space as if you were really there.
-Computer mode, which is more agile and flexible, enabling use from anywhere.

We've meticulously designed the entire tool, paying attention to every detail and striving for the most intuitive, comfortable, and natural user experience possible. The goal is to create a fully self-contained application that is simple to use and doesn't require technical support.

Once the set has been validated with HAL, the tool offers a second mode, this time tailored for the Direction department. It's called the 'Planning' mode, where you can simulate the virtual shooting of scenes using the hyper-realistic environment we've created. We model various pre-agreed scenes with the team, inserting characters, objects, or vehicles, and animating them as reference for virtual filming within the tool.

You can capture frames, create camera movements, shots, and even a storyboard, where you can string shots together to build sequences or even the entire film. All this content can be downloaded and shared with the rest of the team to effectively communicate the vision for the shoot.

In essence, it's a tool created to support the creative processes related to set construction and the possibilities it offers for shooting.



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