Black Sequoia

Creation, action, obstinance.

Black Sequoia is a journey through two simultaneous realities.

Two realities that share a common origin, but that advance without waiting for or gazing at each other, offering us the chance to carve our own path in time.

The first reality confronts us with a strange vision. From within a forest of giant sequoias, an 86-meter-tall monolith of burnt wood rises against the sky. At its foot, a trench of black sand cuts through the ground, leading us inside the monolith. 
The second reality immerses us in a quickly expanding space. We follow a small robot as it carves its way through a universe of wood, hollowing in it the shape of the General Sherman—the largest tree in the world and the greatest single-organism concentration of biomass on Earth.  
Two events that, in their relation with matter and time, speak about the nature of creation. About the deep contradictions that feed human action. About the unwavering obstinance of never knowing when to stop. About tragedy and the beauty that lies behind it.


Interactive virtual reality experience

Created by: Peru Medem y Alba del Castillo

Original idea: Peru Medem y David Peña

Music: Jocelyn Pook, 'Untold Things'

Production year: 2020

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